Monday, October 10, 2011

Fancy Pants

I have figured out a way to become rich. I believe that if I created a pair of pants that would fit tall fat bottomed women I would make a million dollars. As I search the store I can’t find any that fit.  God has blessed me with extra junk in my trunk, if you know  what I mean.  He has also blessed me with extra long legs. So when I go shopping it is hard to find tall fat bottom jeans.  I guess they think that all women that are blessed in this way are short.  They must also  believe that if they are tall they have little behinds.  Maybe someone in the fashion world needs to look at the real world.

I think in our Christian walk sometimes we get the idea that there is no way that God would want special things for me because I am the wrong size. (so to speak) Or they think, those things only  happen to the pretty perfect people in the world. As I look at Christ I see that most of the people he spent time with were just like me.  They had a lot of junk in their trunks. (Money problems, health problems etc.) He was still right there loving them.

I am glad that he likes this old, tall, fat bottomed, girl.  I am just the way he wants me.  (With a few extra pounds.)  Someone once told me,” He loves me warts and all.”

Thank God today because you are wonderfully made and he wants to spend time with you.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful.” Psalms 139:14

What new item would you make for the world??



  1. Yeah! You blogged all by yourself! You are so funny too... Tall fat bottomed pants. ha. I need tall fat no-bottom pants :)

  2. I would like an automatic machine that sends me on trip home when I get homesick to see my family members that live in Mississippi and then sends me back to Oklahoma to be with my husband and twin boys. Maybe, in Heaven I can see all the family together.
    thanks for your blog...they did come out with pajama pants that look like blue jeans, too funny!