Monday, October 31, 2011


Well, I think I still have the mojo.  Yesterday we had a tailgate party for the youth after Sunday morning church. We were able to divide the kids into 6 teams to play flag football. One of the rules was that a girl had to touch the ball on every play.  Well guess what this old lady did.  You got it I signed up for a team.  I did pretty well for someone who was over the hill.  I caught one pass and deflected another pass.  Then I just scared a bunch of kids to death. (I am good at trash talk.)  I do have to say that when one of those big high school football players was coming at me full force I let him pass untouched. I realized I wasn’t ready to die for the game.
    After the game I got a lot of high fives and wows.  I asked the other lady teachers why they didn’t play and I got those girly responses. (I’m not dressed right, I am not athletic, I might mess up my hair)  What girls!!!!!
     You know, as we get older I see many people giving some of the same excuses when God asked them why they are not in the game. (I have already done my time, I don’t want to give up my time, I might get dirty).  Isn’t it sad that they will not get to feel the excitement of a “well done” from the Master?
     Make sure you are playing the game and not setting on the side.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Yes, I am high on Aleve today?


  1. We need to see some pictures of that!

  2. So proud of you - that is why the kids love you - coz you aren't afraid to be one of them!! Way to go!! :) :) :)