Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anyone up for a run?

     I am a walker.  You know one of those ladies who has their praise music in their ears ,just strutting their stuff, walking briskly down the road. That is me. I have learned that life is better when I spend some time sweating out the negative and putting in the positive. (If you know what I mean)
     The other day I was on my daily walk when some friends were driving in our neighborhood and they stopped to chat. I asked where they were headed and they let me know the were headed to the movies and wondered if Tim and I wanted to go. I told them sure we hadn't been to the movies in a long time and it sounded like fun. They took off to go buy the tickets and left me several hills from my house. I knew that the show was going to start soon and I need to get home quick.(I know you are seeing this in your head. Me in my Vacation Bible School Shirt, Old lady shorts, Visor and Ear Phones). You know what I did I started running.  Yes this old girl has still got it. Those legs were going. (No problem there)  Those arms were pumping.(No problem there) Those lungs were breathing. (No problem there) So what was causing the difficulty? Wellllllllll something was behind me bouncing up and down almost causing me to lose my balance.  What could this be????? You know it my back side was dragging me down.  I was told once by a member of my family (Dad) that I would probably run faster if I wasn't pulling such a big trailer. (Now that is love) Anyway I made it home in record time. (for me) I was tingling all over from the shock to my body but I felt pleased that I could still do it.
     Out in our everyday life we have different things that try to pull us down. People discourage you. Situations that limit you. Your own attitude telling you you can't do it.  But I truly believe that if God is in it you can do anything. This week don't let anything stop you from doing what fantastic things God has laid before you. People unhook those trailers.

I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13

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