Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I am going to war

     I am a part of a book club. I know you don't think there is anything going on in this brain of mine but I am trying to remedy that. This month we are reading the book "The Divine Defense", by Robert Jeffress.  This book covers six simple strategies for winning your greatest battles.  I thought my greatest battle was my weight or my gift of gab. I even thought my greatest battle might be how to get Tim to stop using me as an illustration in his sermons. But I am wrong.(Imagine that) Dr. Jeffress states that "we have an enemy who is determined to deceive us about his power(or lack thereof), deprive you of your privileges as a child of God, destroy your effectiveness as a servant of God, and deny you the rewards that God wants one day to bestow on you in heaven?"  I told a pulpit committee one time that I don't wear my feelings on my sleeve because I am so lovable I can't believe anyone wouldn't love me. (I know I live in a fantasy world) It is very hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that I have an enemy out there that is determined to harm me and separate me from the God I love. As I have been studying this war my eyes have been opened. As I have struggle to put God first the battle has gotten stronger.  I believe for the first time in my walk with God I see how and why I have been attacked.

1. Discourage you from Worshiping God: I don't have time.  I am not important God doesn't need me.
2. Distract you from serving God; My kids need me. My job is more important.
3. To deceive you into disobeying;  More money will make me happy. If I had a mate like that life would be good.

     People we are in a war. The evil one doesn't think we can win. But the bible says differently.  I am going to claim God's promises and fight with all I have. Come on and fight with me.

Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
James 4:7


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