Monday, June 25, 2012

Things I learned at the Southern Baptist Convention

 This past week Tim and I traveled to New Orleans to attended the Annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.  We look forward each year to getting together with friends in the ministry and hearing what is going on around the world. On Sunday and Monday, they have the Pastor's Conference. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the convention actually starts and all the business is handled. I guess they want the pastors fired up for the Lord before they talk about business. I thought I would share the observations this pastor's wife brought back to Oklahoma:

1.  According to Dennis Swanberg it is alright to be a Martha. We need Marthas in the church or things may not get done. I am glad he finally gave me permission to be me. I know the church would just fall down if I didn't get in there and boss people around! (I know lightning is going to strike me!)

2. From David Platt I learned not all people who prayed the prayer are saved; only those who truly repent and believe will spend their eternity in heaven. ( I think I prayed three times before he was finished. I wanted to make sure I had it locked down!) The statement that hit me the hardest is "a true Christian doesn't have to be cajoled to share Christ. Oh my goodness, I think our church is full of lost people, because I don't see a lot of sharing going on.

3. James Mcdonald asked if we need to see a miracle. He said miracles flow from what we have. Jesus used the five loaves and 2 fishes; he didn't order from Pizza Hut. Miracles also flow from active faith.(goggle the poem 'Butt Prayer' and you will see what I mean) And finally, miracles only come to glorify God. I realized I had been praying for miracles, but they were for me and not to bring God glory.(oops)

4.  Fred Luter stated each one of us had heard the gospel and were transformed. He then asked the big question, "So what did it take to change you?" The same gospel power that changed us is the same gospel power God still uses to change others. He challenged us to spread this gospel. ( OK, I have to get out and do this one)

I am overflowing with everything these men challenged me to do. I am praying for a miracle, using my gifts, sharing my faith and doing it all for the glory of God.

Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. For great is the Lord and most worth of praise. Psalm 963-4

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