Monday, July 23, 2012

You snooze you lose

     We had a great time at Falls Creek this past week. I got to spend quality dorm time with the girls. (In other words they got to see this old lady in all her glory.  I hope they are not scarred for life) The services were wonderful and I even enjoyed all of the music. The main point of the week was to learn to pray.  Every morning we were taught about different aspects of prayer.  It was amazing to see the students praying with each other. There was even one student who was brave enough to pray over the pastor. It was fantastic.
     Every night as we were getting settled in for the night Vicki (head sponsor)  would have the girls get in their beds and then she would start praying. She picked out six or seven girls a night to pray for. It was amazing to hear her pray for these girls.  Not one girl made a sound.  They were all listening for their name. As Vicki would end her 20 minute prayer the girls would be asleep. I thought this was awesome. I really liked that I was being prayed for the first night. But,,,,,,,,,you guys remember I am getting on in age.  On Wednesday night I heard her pray for the first 3 girls then I was out.  I don't mean a little out I mean all the way out snoring and all.  It was not good. I hang my head in shame. The preachers wife sleeping through the prayer how can this be?
      As I thought about this I believe I have learned some things. First: I have learned that praying over someone is very special. There is something  touching to know that someone is praying over you. I have had people say I will pray for you and you never know if they really do. To have someone actually stand over you and pray for your needs touches your heart.  We all need to set our friends down and pray for them at that moment. You both will be touched.  Second: If you snooze you lose.  I missed learning about the girls and their needs. I missed hearing Vicki praise God for each one. I missed the blessings that they received. I missed the quiet of the room as the Spirit moved from each bed.  I missed it all that night.
     This week think about your prayer life is it just about you or are you truly praying for someone else. Are you totally into it or do you conk out in the middle. Call a friend and pray over them.  Stop by their house and pray. Write a prayer and send it to them.

  I pray that the glorious Father, the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, would give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation as you come to know Christ better. Eph 1:17

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