Wednesday, August 22, 2012

That man of mine.

     When Tim and I were about to get married we had to go to premarital counseling. There we were setting in front of the pastor with big grins on our faces.  He asked us why we wanted to get married? We looked into each others eyes and said, "we are in LOOOVE."  He looked at us over his glasses and said ,"that is not a good reason to get married."  You could have heard a pin drop in that room. I thought that the man had lost his mind. He continued on to say that we are to become one and so that means that we were to complete each other. He wanted to know what each one of us was going to bring to the table that would complete the other. My mind went blank. I knew that Tim was good looking and he made me feel special all the time but to be honest I couldn't tell you what he had that I needed. I also knew that there was nothing I had that would complete him.
     Now that I have had thirty-one years to ponder this question I think I have an answer. My husband has allowed  me to be me. The man married a Drama Queen who is always moving from one laugh to another. Tim goes with the flow never putting me down but always steering me in the right direction. He has never tried to change me but has slowly and patiently listened and prayed as I grew into being the person I am today. He has shown me how to take my time in making decisions so that I will not regret the path ahead. He has loved me when I was unlovely (pregnancy). He has put up with my schemes. (delivering phone books for a living) He has loved my wacky family. (sorry guys)  He even sometimes loves my cooking.(pancakes) He is my rock.  I know that he completes me. Love ya T.                                                      

                    That is why a man will leave his father and mother and remain united to his wife, for the two shall become one. Mathew 19:5


  1. Sweet. Ive no clue what we talked about in premarital counseling.

  2. So sweet! My husband and I balance each other out too. He helps me think calmly and rationally when I go into panic mode. And he reminds me to let God handle things that are out of my control. Amy Ince