Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I have a Lion by the Tail

     Have you ever looked back and said, "I wish I would have done that differently." Have you ever been scared to step out and do something you have never done before? Have you ever thought something is above your capability so you don't even try? Have you had a situation in your life that became so difficult you stopped trying and let someone else do it? I would have to say I have done all of these. I believe one of my many downfalls is a lack of confidence. I know you are laughing at that but I am a good actress and I overcompensate by being all out there. Because of my lack of confidence, I have been scared to step out and realize my God-given potential.
     In 2 Samuel 23:20-21 Benaiah chased a lion into a pit on a snowy day and he killed the lion.  He didn't run from the lion. He didn't sit and think about what to do with the lion.  He didn't say wait a minute lion I will get to you later. He flat out took off after that lion. He faced him head on. Because of this action he was known as one of the most mighty men in the Old Testament and God used him in great ways.
   In the book "In the Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day" Mark Batterson states: "Our calling is much higher than simply running away from what's wrong. We're called to chase lions - look for opportunities in our problems and obstacles, and take risks to reach for God's best.  When we don't have the guts to step out in faith and chase lions, then God is robbed of the glory that rightfully belongs to Him."
     I know that I have got me some lion chasing to do. I have sat back and let the lions take over; but that stops now. Look out lions (lack of knowledge, negative people, lack of faith) you are going down. How about you, have you chased any lions lately? If you haven't; come go on a safari with me.

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.
Romans 8:37

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