Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just call me Mrs. Klutz

     On Tuesday nights I teach a ladies' Bible study at the church. I go a little early so that I can set up the video and look over my lesson before everyone gets there. Last Tuesday night when I arrived the video and TV combo were not where they were suppose to be. I went on a search.  I finally found it in the children's department. I know I have talked about it before but our church is a little scary at night and here I was on the 3rd floor in the dark trying to get this rolling cart with a TV  into the elevator.  I was hurrying so the boogie man wouldn't get me. In my haste, I did not wrap the cord up like I should.(Yes, I was dragging it behind me) This is not a good thing especially when you are getting on an elevator. I looked down as the doors were closing to see that the plug was on the outside and the TV and I were on the inside. Oh No What To Do! I could just see the elevator going down and the TV hanging from the ceiling.  Well I did what any person would do I yanked on the cord hoping to pull it into the elevator with me. No, I was not a success. The plug slid right into the groves of the door and was hung.  I jumped in front of the door so it wouldn't shut.  It was no use the plug was stuck.  I was going to go down in history as the pastors wife that tore up the church elevator and hung a TV. I started searching for options.  I couldn't call anyone because I hadn't brought my phone. I could scream for help but no one was there and even if they were they were on the first floor and I was on the 3rd floor. I thought that Tim might  notice I was gone and come looking for me. But I knew that that would take forever.( He is not good at finding things) My heart was racing and I was full of panic. As a last resort I am standing there keeping the door from going back and forth and I bow my head and pray " Father this is Glenette and I have done it again.  I hate to bother you (again today) but I can't seem to figure this one out. Lord I know this is a silly request but can you please help me get out of this jam? I really don't want to see what the results will be if I let this door close. Only if it is your will Lord give me wisdom. Amen." I looked down to see that I could push the plug to the very back of the track and the cord would be released. When I was finally on my way down with the TV in tact. I was able to release a sigh of relief.
     Isn't this the way life rolls? We go around making messes, and finally after we try everything, we pray as a last resort. I know this has been a silly example but as I thought about it I realized I have been using God as my backup go to guy.  Whenever I don't think I can handle it I shout a quick HELP and expect him to jump.  Can you imagine what life would be like if you went to Him before you started fretting. This week spend time putting him first.

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him. because he cares for you.
1Peter 5:6-7

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