Monday, October 15, 2012

The fix it queen

     As you know I grew up working on the farm.(No, not the funny farm) We had this saying if you can't fix it with bailing wire or grey tape; it just can't be fixed. Because of my up-bringing, I have become the fix-it-queen.( I even changed the belt to my alternator on the way to church one Sunday) Tim was a city boy who didn't have a dad around to help him learn, so when we got married, I was the go-to-girl. I fixed things. Tim studied. He wrote wonderful sermons and dealt with people problems. We were a perfect fit.
    The longer we were married the more things Tim learned how to fix and the less fixing I needed to do. As the kids came along I started teaching them how to fix things. I wanted my kids to be able to step back from a problem and ask how can I fix this. I wanted them to exhaust all their options before they gave up. (Really I just wanted them to fix the flat tire without me)  I realize that this fix it mentality  has spilled over into more than mechanics. I have watched as they have delt with relationships, career, and family issues. But I noticed the  tools have changed.  Now they are relying on their relationship with Christ to fix the situations. (So long grey tape, bailing wire and Mom)
     As you go through this next week think about what you are relying on to fix your problems. Are you looking to your mate to fix things?  Are you trying to do it all yourself? Are you begging your friends to fix it? Well,,, I happen to know that whatever situation you are in it can only be fixed by the One who is the creator of all things.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

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