Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Mother of the Groom

     The big day is right around the corner.  Brent and Caroline will walk down the isle in 4 days. As I sit here on this rainy day my mind swirls with nostalgia. I think of the baby that I fell in love with before they even put him in my arms.(All 9lbs 8oz. of him) I think of the little toddler who would raise his arms to me and say "My hold you."  I remember the day that he had his 5th grade graduation and we both sat in the front seat of the van crying because he would be leaving his elementary school to move to the Jr High. I remember cheering for him at his many sporting events. (In football it was "run Brent don't let that big guy catch you".) I remember my heart breaking as we went through his first broken heart. I remember the day Brent got in the car after baseball practice saying how sad he was because his friend wasn't a Christian. I asked how he knew this and he said that he had visited with everyone on the team. Realization hit me that day, my son has the gift of evangelism. I remember standing over his bed watching him sleep and praying for his protection after one of his best friends died unexpectedly from a contagious disease. I remember the stunts we would pull as we would ride together on the tube being pulled behind the boat. (Some of them were not very smart) I remember the day we dropped him off at college and I tried to put on a straight face but failed. I remember the day he told us that God had called him to preach. He asked why I wasn't excited for him and I told him I realized he would face difficult days in the future. I remember the pride I felt as his father and grandfather leaned over him in prayer at his ordination service. I remember the days that Caroline's name kept popping up. The realization that my boy was in love is a sweet thing. Tim and I have prayed for Brent to find a godly spouse for years and know that Caroline is an answer to that prayer.

As I hand my son over to another women Saturday, my heart will be full of memories from years past, filled with pride with the man he has become, and filled with great excitement to see what God will do with them in the future.

  Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Genesis 2:24


  1. I love how you write. Miss you and your family!

    1. Thanks, Tim says I write like I talk. (A little hick)

  2. Awe. Such sweet memories! Have a wonderful fantabulous Mother of the Groom day!