Sunday, November 10, 2013

Here com de Judge...........

     Last Thursday I taught 6th grade. A little high stress but not to bad.  When I walked out of school the weather was just perfect for a walk.  I ran home threw on my yoga pants and headed down the road. As I walked I remembered that I need to get a gift for a baby shower. I hurried back to the house,grabbed my keys and headed to Walmart. As I headed into the store I had to just shake my head.  The lady walking in front of me had a small problem with her clothes.  Her shirt did not meet the top of her pants.There she was with her muffin top rolling from the gap provided. As I peered down my nose at her I was thinking,"does she not have any pride in herself? Does she not care?"  I headed on in grabbed my cart and started my shopping. About thirty minutes later I made it home. I peeled off my sweat jacket and started putting things away. I stepped into the living room and asked Tim what he wanted for supper and we had a nice little chat.  It was at this time his expression started to change and he finally said,"Do you have your pants on wrong side out?" I informed him that the stitching was suppose to be on the outside and that was the way it was made. He said, "then what is the big circle with an XL on your left hip?'' I ran to the mirror to investigate when sure enough there was a large white imprint on my backside the size of a large coffee cup revealing the size of my pants. Here I had walked all over my neighborhood waving as the cars passed me.  Then I had traveled all over Walmart judging the whole world for what they were wearing and I didn't even notice the funny looks I was getting.
     Isn't that the way that life goes? We are so busy judging others that we don't spend time judging ourselves. Boy, that verse,"Pride goes before a fall" hit me hard. I know one thing from now on I will be slower to judge someone and quicker to check my backside before I leave the house.

Judge not,lest you be judged. Mathew 7:1

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