Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kindle vs. Book

     I am a reader. I love all kinds of books from fiction to how to.  You name it I want to read it.  Back in our early married days we couldn't afford to buy books so I always had my library card handy.  When God sent us to the wonderful town of McAlester I had a hard time finding a house because I needed a study to hold the books Tim and I have collected. But now my world has changed. I am an owner of a Kindle. Every book you can imagine can be found in this little thin box that you can carry in your purse. It is great when you go on trips not to have to lug around a big old heavy book. So you may say this is a no brainer the Kindle is better. Well as my Dad would say "Yes and No".  Yes because it is compact and you no longer need to store your books. No because you can't feel the paper. You can't take your pencil out and write in the margin. You can't take a book from your shelf to share with a friend.  I believe the main obstacle the Kindle may have is that you can't use it if it is out of power. I grabbed my Kindle and put it in my purse to read at the Doctor's office.  Boy, I was irritated when I sat down to read and was informed I needed to plug in. I was wishing I had my book.
     You may say big deal; take the thing home and plug it in. But isn't that how life has become.  We want everything streamlined, compact and easy to handle. We want to be able to flip on a switch and have instant results right at our fingertips.  Well people, sometimes it is worth doing it the old fashion way. Maybe we would appreciate life more if we took the time to feel the weight of the situation.  Or maybe we would remember things more if we wrote in the margins to be examined at another time. Life could even become interesting when we stopped to share an everyday experience with a friend.
     I pray as we go this week, we don't throw out the old things in life for the next new big thing. I hope we stop to evaluate what we might miss by flipping a switch. (Yes, I am keeping the Kindle AND my books. Just saying.)

You have made known to me the paths of life:you will fill me with joy in your presence. 
Acts 2:28

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