Speaking Topics

Second Calling --
As little girls we dreamed of marriage and a family.  What that dream has been fulfilled, then what?  Are we done?

Pampers to Pimples --
As my children grew I went through changes with each new stage. (Those poor kids and thier wacky mom)

Help!  My Roots are Showing --
Being a real Christian in a fake world.

The "I Do" Twenty-Five Years Later --
I realized when I said "I do" I didn't understand what I was saying.  As I repeat the vows today my heart spills with knowledge, love and understanding of the gift I have been given.

I Don't Have PMS - I'm Always This Way --
We like to blame our actions on something other than ourselves.  Many times there is a deeper problem.

Super Models Come from Oklahoma --
Have you ever wanted to be something you're not?  God put what He wanted in us at birth.  We can use it or lose it.

I'm Not Bossy - I Just Have Better Ideas --
Being a mentor to the younger generations begins with relationships

When the Circus Comes to Town --
Get a bunch of people together and call it church.  Put in a little bit of pride, self and ego, and you have a circus.  How to handle difficult people and still smile as a staff wife.

Glenette is available to speak for banquets, luncheons, conferences, seminars, camps, and retreats.  She can speak on the topic of your choosing or you may select from one of her favorites.  Her fee includes expenses and an honorarium or love offering.